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Special Breaks and Offers on the Isle of Wight at Garden Isle Hotels

Here at Garden Isle Hotels you'll find the very best value and range of breaks on the Isle of Wight. you have the choice of 3 hotels and 8 luxury self catering holiday apartments:

  • Melville Hall Hotel & Utopia Spa, Adults Only Hotel, Sandown
  • Luccombe Hall Hotel, Family Friendly Hotel, Shanklin
  • Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel, Family Friendly, Dog Friendly Hotel, Shanklin
  • Shanklin Villa Luxury Holiday Apartments, Shanklin

About Us



Clare Farrelly, Director, Garden Isle Hotels, Isle of WightA Warm Welcome from Garden Isle Hotel Director, Clare Farrelly


Hello, I'm delighted to welcome you to Garden Isle Hotels.


As a family we are passionate about providing a service that gives you an experience to remember. Based on the beautiful Isle of Wight, each of our hotels has been carefully selected to give you the break you deserve. You'll find our staff have been hand picked because they share our family values of professionalism, friendliness and service.


Here is Our Family Isle of Wight Story So Far.....


In January 1986 Ken Wells and his late wife Lyn took over as the proud owners of Melville Hall Hotel in Sandown on the Isle of Wight.


They moved over from Southsea after looking at a few hotels on the island, deciding on Melville Hall Hotel in Sandown after over hearing a couple of ladies discussing their choice of wedding reception destination as having to be at Melville Hall as it was the best hotel...


Back in the day, Melville Hall was a 39 bed hotel with no en-suites but with sinks in every bedroom and a few strategically placed communal bathooms and toilets along each corridor.


About Us, Garden Isle Hotels, Lynn and Ken WellsOver the years Ken has refurbished the hotel many times catering the trends in place at the time. Spacious public areas with sliding doors that once allowed for functions of up to 300 guests now form treatment rooms and indoor leisure facilities and all rooms now do of course enjoy private en-suite bathrooms!


After a few years of successful trading at Melville Hall Ken went on to purchase the Luccombe Hall Country House Hotel due to its superior cliff top setting and then later went on to buy Chine Court Hotel which he later re-named the Luccombe Manor Hotel. A few years later Ken purchased the Burlington Hotel which, seeing a trend towards luxury self catering breaks, renovated in to 4 and 5 star contemporary apartments.


Ken's work is not yet done, although the day to day operation is successfully managed by his daughter Clare. Melville Hall is just undergoing yet another refurbishment programme with all Classic Bedrooms being upgraded along with some of the public areas.


Ken is most proud that the hotel continues to be under his families management with daughter Clare, now based at Luccombe Hall in Shanklin, running both the hotel and group as a whole, having worked all her life for the family business – starting at a young age by collecting the daily newspapers for the hotel guests in exchange for her pocket money and is now also a co-owner. Over the years both of Ken's sons have spent time working and managing the hotels too, with the youngest now Head Chef at Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel. Even one of Ken's 10 grandchildren spent some years working on reception at Melville Hall too.


About Us, Garden Isle Hotels, Isle of WightIn addition to Clare, Ken is delighted that some of his original team from back in 1986 – or thereabouts – are still working for him in some way. The most notable being the ever popular Noel who works behind the bar and assists in the Melville Hall Hotel's Summerhill Restaurant. He was actually working at Melville before Ken! Mary who works as breakfast waitress was also there almost from the beginning as was Pam who is now Housekeeper at Luccombe Hall. Pam's daughter, Kirsty, was a baby at the time, but later went on to become Assistant Manager to Clare at Luccombe Hall before leaving to start her own family!


How ever many changes Ken has made to his hotels over the years his objective has remained constant: To provide a service that gives you, the guest, an experience to remember...

Isle of Wight Walking Routes

Isle of Wight Walking Routes

The Isle of Wight offers some of the best walking routes in the country with varying levels of dificulty so there is plenty of choice to suit everyone. 

Take a look through the routes below by clicking on the links. Don't forget to enjoy the Sandown to Shanklin walk whichever Garden Isle Hotel you choose to stay in.

For more walking options why not use Map My Walk and share your route on facebook so other guests can enjoy the route and compete on timings etc if they so wish!!


Sandown to Ryde Walking Route 

Sandown to Ryde Coastal Walking Route


12 Miles - approx 4 hours

 Bembridge Trail

Bembridge Trail


11 Miles - approx 3 Hours

 Brightstone to Niton Trail

Brightsone to Niton Walking Route


8 Miles - approx 4 hours

 Cowes to Yarmouth Trail

Cowes to Yarmouth Walking Route


16 Miles - approx 7 hours 

 Hamstead Trail

Hamstead Trail


7 Miles - approx 3 hours

 Niton to Sandown Walking Route

Niton to Sandown Walking Route


9 Miles - approx 4 hours 

 Nunwell Trail

Nunwell Trail


7 Miles - approx 3 hours 

 Ryde to Cowes Walking Route

Ryde to Cowes Walking Route


 8 Miles - approx 4 hours

 Shepherds Trail

Shepherds Trail


7 Miles - approx 3 hours 

 Stenbury Trail

Stenbury Trail


10 Miles - approx 3 hours 

 Tennyson Trail

Tennyson Trail


14 Miles - approx 6 hours 

 Warrior Trail

Warrior Trail



 Worsley Trail

 Worsley Trail


13 Miles - approx 6 hours

 Freshwater Way Trail

Freshwater Way Trail


 5 Miles - approx 2 hours

 Yarmouth to Brighstone Walking Route

Yarmouth to Brighstone Walking Route


14 Miles - approx 5 hours 





















Isle of Wight Ferry

Isle of Wight Ferry

Huge Discounts on Isle of Wight Car Ferry Travel

+ FREE Isle of Wight Car Ferry Travel Offers

Travelling to the Isle of Wight is relatively hassle free and easy. With 3 ports to choose from along the South coast the Isle of Wight is easily accessible. If you don't want to bring your car then you can travel as a foot passenger from Portsmouth, Southsea on the Hovercraft or Southampton on the Red Jet.

Garden Isle Hotels offers you some of the lowest priced Isle of Wight Car Ferry Travel available with huge discounts and fully flexible fares (important if you miss your boat or arrive early!). Sign up below to make sure you receive news of Special Offers that include FREE Isle of Wight Car Ferry Travel too.




Gallery - Garden Isle Hotels


Luccombe Hall Hotel Gallery

  • Hotel_View.jpg

  • Outdoor_Family_Fun_Luccombe_Hall_Hotel_Isle_Of_Wight.jpg

  • Pool_Terrace_Luccombe_Hall_Hotel_Isle_Of_Wight.jpg

  • Mini_Putting_Green_Luccombe_Hall_Hotel_Isle_Of_Wight.jpg

  • Conservatory_Grand_View_Restaurant.jpg

  • Grand_View_Restaurant_.jpg

  • Bishops_Bar.jpg

  • Air_Hockey_TableLuccombeHall_HotelIsle_of_Wight.jpg

  • Indoor_Giant_Connect4_Luccombe_Hall_Hotel_Isle_Of_Wight.jpg

  • Family_Accommodation.jpg

  • Double_and_Single_Hotel_Bedroom.jpg

  • Tea_Making_Facilities_Luccombe_Hall_Hotel_Rooms.jpg

  • Superior_Sea_Facing_Room_Luccombe_Hall.jpg

  • Indoor_Pool_and_Hot_Tub_Luccombe_Hall_Hotel_Isle_Of_Wight.jpg

  • Rear_Hotel_and_Gardens.jpg



Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel Gallery

  • Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel Shanklin.jpg

    Luccombe Manor Country House… Manor Country House Hotel Shanklin_7d79310e51ded4c3d4157a167b2e2ffd_90x70.resized.jpg
  • Cliff Path Walk Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel Isle of Wight.jpg

    Cliff Path Walk Luccombe… Path Walk Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel Isle of Wight_a86a06a91662f771172186acf3fae1a1_90x70.resized.jpg
  • Stunning Sea Views from Appley Restaurant Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel.jpg

    Stunning Sea Views from… Sea Views from Appley Restaurant Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel_289422f0f3e9b6b2cff8ba46e85f3e4b_90x70.resized.jpg
  • Appley Restaurant Table and View Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel.jpg

    Appley Restaurant Table and… Restaurant Table and View Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel_62537eae5ed94ac10e0767a46f126c34_90x70.resized.jpg
  • AppleyRestaurant Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel.jpg

    AppleyRestaurant Luccombe… Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel_659ee4ee8530a81e99aa1002e58970d3_90x70.resized.jpg
  • Breakfast Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel.jpg

    Breakfast Luccombe Manor… Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel_00f34bb772ab9851b38b7359901b7a8a_90x70.resized.jpg
  • Cream Tea Luccombe Manor Country House Hiotel.jpg

    Cream Tea Luccombe Manor… Tea Luccombe Manor Country House Hiotel_ef0a8ff418f9b1921dbd8fc8569f75fa_90x70.resized.jpg
  • Hotel Lounge Luccombe Manor Country House.jpg

    Hotel Lounge Luccombe Manor… Lounge Luccombe Manor Country House_e2bf9a6760e55ed2f67642b51ed578c6_90x70.resized.jpg
  • Lounge Library Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel.jpg

    Lounge Library Luccombe Manor… Library Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel_3efc56650a8bea924ebafbb125fc87f1_90x70.resized.jpg
  • Hot Tub Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel.jpg

    Hot Tub Luccombe Manor… Tub Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel_48dce24d31946c7b7484bfac7d52b038_90x70.resized.jpg
  • Pool Jets Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel.jpg

    Pool Jets Luccombe Manor… Jets Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel_3b6d84afac04ef66f8f677bc5cd61839_90x70.resized.jpg
  • Pool Table Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel.jpg

    Pool Table Luccombe Manor… Table Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel_b6b77271dc67635c1244979a84cafb28_90x70.resized.jpg
  • Standard Double Room Luccombe manor Country House Hotel.jpg

    Standard Double Room Luccombe… Double Room Luccombe manor Country House Hotel_45e87de48d7e9be81371d645f895253b_90x70.resized.jpg
  • Unique Decoration Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel.jpg

    Unique Decoration Luccombe… Decoration Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel_524b0c4cf6b49705764b48f464bfedfe_90x70.resized.jpg


Melville Hall Hotel & Utopia Spa Gallery

  • Poolside_Patio_Melville_Hall_Hotel.jpg

  • Swinging_Chair_Relaxation_Melville_Hall_Hotel.jpg

  • Outdoor_Hot_Tub_Jets_Melville_Hall_Hotel.jpg

  • Pool_Relaxation_Outdoors_Melville_Hall_Hotel.jpg

  • Poolside_Relaxation_Melville_Hall_Hotel.jpg

  • ChillOut_Lounge_Melville_Hall_Hotel.jpg

  • Sauna_Melville_Hall_Hotel.jpg

  • Spa_Bathroom_Melville_Hall_Hotel.jpg

  • Spa_Treatment_Melville_Hall_Hotel.jpg

  • Spa_Consultations_Melville_Hall_Hotel.jpg

  • Decleor_Products_Melville_Hall_Hotel.jpg

  • Summerhill Restaurant Melville Hall Hotel.jpg

    Summerhill Restaurant… Restaurant Melville Hall Hotel_03414365e00adc87be7eb7f6f133b44a_90x70.resized.jpg
  • Dining Table Melville Hall Hotel.jpg

    Dining Table Melville Hall… Table Melville Hall Hotel_fa46dc01201763fa50a68e27ae18f547_90x70.resized.jpg
  • Local Ale Festival Bar Melville Hall Hotel.jpg

    Local Ale Festival Bar… Ale Festival Bar Melville Hall Hotel_c96fc369e7abfa57dee38cb9a5182443_90x70.resized.jpg
  • Bar Service Festival Bar Lounge Isle of Wight.jpg

    Bar Service Festival Bar… Service Festival Bar Lounge Isle of Wight_1a4648b8503f62b0593fe5569d31db5f_90x70.resized.jpg


Shanklin Villa Apartments Gallery

  • Mountbatten_Garden_Apartment_Kitchen.jpg

  • Eversley_Hot_Tub.jpg

  • Eversley_Kitchen_Dining-Lounge.jpg

  • Eversley_Master_EnSuite_Bathroom.jpg

  • Mountabtten_Garden_Apartment_Double_EnSuite_Bedroom.jpg

  • Worsley_Lounge_Apartment.jpg








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